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Praying On Veterans?

Shouldn't that read Praying Over Veterans? After all that is what we should be doing, right? You've seen the commercials on television, heard them on the radio, and probably received something in the mail about the almighty person or organization that will secure your veteran benefits - for a small fee.

While catching up on my LinkedIn articles this weekend, I read a plea from a Marine Corps Veteran and Legionnaire, Elizabeth Hartman.

In the post, she details with a photo one agency of many who claim to get you all you deserve for your service and charges you money to boot!


There are Veteran Service Officers and Organizations chartered by Congress, such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW, the American Legion, and DAV Disabled American Veterans, to help you obtain your benefits earned through military service. Georgia has a state-funded agency, GDVS Georgia Department Veterans Service, with educated and trained professionals to help you enroll with the VA, obtain your DD214, file a claim, and more. To be a certified VSO (Organization or Officer), you undergo lengthy and continuous education; this includes attorneys representing Veterans.

Far too often, we at United Military Care hear from Veterans and family members who have paid someone to obtain or file their benefits and then drop the ball. Months and sometimes years go by with no response from the VA. Worse, the preparer filed erroneous paperwork and is now the Veteran is in a real mess trying to figure it out. I have had Veterans in my office give 25% of their benefits for LIFE to a third party to file on their behalf. Most of you wouldn't take $25.00, much less 25% of the benefits you earned through military service, and randomly hand them over to a stranger or, better yet, throw them in the trash. Why pay a non-credentialed person - it is throwing your money away. United Military Care opted not to become a certified Veteran Service Organization, and our team that handles cases for Veterans are not certified Veteran Service Officers. We do not fill out VA paperwork for you. We leave that to the trained professionals. If you have a question about where to locate information on how to qualify or confusion over the steps you need to take, we will be glad to help - at zero cost.

Bottom line - protect yours, and contact a certified VSO to help. GDVS has over 70 offices in Georgia with trained professionals ready to help at no charge. To locate a GDVS office, click here. The GDVS can also assist you with War Veteran Homes (Nursing Facilities), Veteran Cemeteries, and more.

To locate a certified VSOfficer in Georgia, search here or call United Military Care at 770-973-0014, and we will be glad to search and refer you.

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