United Military Care

Veterans are our mission.

United Military Care is:

  • A 501(c)3 charity

  • A leader in Veteran & Military Family Advocacy

  • Committed to serving Veterans in Georgia

  • Collaborative and Inventive

  • Confidential for all clients and their families

  • A Public Charity-Receives no government funding

  • Ten years running as of June 2022

United Military Care cares for Veterans by:

  • Addressing emergency needs first of hunger, homelessness and being forgotten.

  • Develops a plan with the Veteran to aim towards living their best life.

  • Coordinates and refers Veterans as needed to professional partners such as financial institutions, medical or clinical providers, and government agencies.

  • Celebrating America and all who served through education and special events for communities around Georgia.

  • Educating Veterans and their families on latest directives, updates, procedures, and protocol for benefits, protection, prevention and security.

  • Working with investors and volunteers to adequately and with good stewardship provide a strong foundation for Veterans needs.


Helping Veterans of all ages, lifestyles, & challenges navigate the journey to a better life.


All Veterans receive the support, tools, and hope to live a better life.


No hill is too high.

Every Veteran is precious.

Together we can!

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In Their Words


“ I am an older Veteran living alone and my horizons are not what they used to be.  My Battle Buddy changed and frankly saved my life as I had given up. I cannot say enough good things about United Military Care.  My cat even likes him and he doesn't like anyone!”