United Military Care

What Begins Here Changes Lives.

Serving Georgia Veterans Since 2012

Through one-on-one outreach, and a strong coalition of volunteers, donors, and professionals, United Military Care fills the gap of services and resources for Veterans of all ages by providing food, warmth and most importantly, hope.

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Providing food for Veterans in need, and their families.

Feeding homeless and elderly veterans


Providing housing assitance for Georgia's homeless veterans and elderly vets

Assist with clothing, coats and housing referrals.


Bringing HOPE to Veterans of all ages.


Our Strategy Serving Veterans

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Veterans were trained to operate as part of a team.  After leaving military service their team is gone, and they are forced to face their battles alone.  Along with our care team, we provide Veterans with a Battle Buddy to assist them with challenges, isolation, hunger and loss of hope.


We stand ready to assist, comfort, and guide Veterans of all ages, no matter what life throws at them.

Did you know:

Georgia is home to over 745,000 Veterans?

Many Veterans do not qualify for VA services because of their time on duty?

We are one of the only organizations that provide for Veterans who served prior to September 11, 2001!

Help Us Change Lives

The chance of success drops drastically when you do not know where your next meal will come from, you are cold or have no hope that your life will ever get better. We focus on the basics needed for life and success - food, warmth, and hope!

Food is essential for life.  We provide small food bags for homeless and transitioning Veterans as well as for Veterans who are able to prepare meals for themselves but unable to market or afford groceries each month.

No Hungry Veterans

We believe you must have safe shelter and warmth to survive.  Our team works with Veterans who are homeless to transition them into a reputable, secure housing situation where they are able to take positive steps for getting the life back on track.

Clothe & House Veterans

Having HOPE for a better day, and knowing someone out there cares about you without judgement is what helps our Veterans get the help and resources they need to leave the past behind and step into a healthy, positive lifestyle.

Hope is Critical


Get Involved, Sign Up, Change Lives

Want to make a difference?

Supporting our veterans takes many forms.


We gladly work with individuals, groups, clubs, companies and foundations. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Never Forget

There are many stories to tell but this is one I have selected. A 92-year old Veteran living by himself was reported as not having proper medical care due to his lack of knowledge of VA services. When United Military Care was notified they immediately contacted me, a retired U. S. Army Officer, and I took action asap. Although the Veteran passed, it was the actions of United Military Care that provided this Veteran the satisfaction that he was a hero to all of us.

BG James David, US Army, Retired


From A Brother

As a Vietnam Veteran myself, I have great empathy for those who have served this great country of ours. United Military Care understands the Veteran community and great needs within - from housing & medical needs, to human & personal social services. UMC is continually looking for ways to help Veterans, of all ages, in all stages of life. No one should be alone, and as a "Battle Buddy", we have each other.

Tom, Vietnam Veteran


From A Client

I'm an older, single Veteran (late 70s) living alone and my horizons' are not what they used to be. Frankly, I was against teh wall searching for my next move when I made contact with UMC, and, almost immediately, things began to change for the better. The organizations comes through with whatever the Veteran needs by way of shelter, food and clothing; in my case it was transportation after my last hospital discharge. They have my never ending appreciation.