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How We Serve Veterans

At United Military Care, we recognize the unique and long-term needs of Veterans and their families. We are dedicated to providing quality care tailored to the individual needs of each Veteran and their family. Our team of specialists are experienced in navigating the complexities of Veteran care and are committed to providing the best possible care for our clients. We emphasize the importance of client involvement, financial responsibility, and community interaction in order to create a plan that meets the needs of each Veteran and their family.

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Battle Buddy is a program that provides essential resources for Veterans in need. It offers wrap-around case management, services, referrals, regular communication, and when possible, social visits. This helps to meet the basic human needs of interaction, socialization, eliminating hunger, and providing hope. Together, we can change the lives of Veterans everywhere.

Battle Buddy
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We CARE Vet Fairs

Veteran Strong is dedicated to empowering Veterans and their families by providing access to resources and knowledge that can help them regain control of their lives.


We believe knowledge equals power, and we strive to provide Veterans with the information and support they need to tackle life's toughest challenges.


Through our We CARE Vet Fairs we provide a platform for Veterans and their families to connect with professionals and access the resources they need to live their best lives.


Join us today and take the first step toward a healthier, more secure future.

Veteran Strong
Emergency Respnse


Our Emergency Response Team is dedicated to providing Veterans with immediate assistance in times of need. We offer food, housing referrals, employment guidance, and clothing - including new socks and undergarments - for both male and female Veterans. Furthermore, we provide free filled backpacks to all GA first responders to give to homeless Veterans after hours.

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