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We appreciate your willingness to help Veterans of all ages when they hit challenging times.  Watch the video from one of our clients who needed help.  Your generosity enables us to say yes when someone is homeless and needs a brief motel stay until they can access a shelter, or food to last the month - even a meal twice a day.  The stories are endless and at times so are the Veterans in crisis.  Your gift will enable us to keep that number going in the best direction - down.  Thank you for your gift!

Over 95% of every dollar donated directly touches a Veteran.

$15.00 Donation provides bus transportation for 2 weeks

$25.00 Donation provides groceries for 2-3 weeks

$50.00 Donation provides one-night emergency stay motel

$75.00 Donation provides fifty emergency homeless kits

Hear about how your donation makes a real difference for our Veterans!

Other Ways To Give
Donate Car/Truck

Complete this online form, it's free and easy!

Become A Monthly Donor

Spread your donation out with monthly gifts by using the form to the left, and under Donation Schedule select monthly.  Your pro-rated amount will be withdrawn on that date.

Leave A Bequest

Visit to set up a FREE will and leave a bequest to United Military Care.

U. S. Mail

To make a donation with a personal or corporate check:

United Military Care, Inc.

1220 Old Canton Road, Marietta, GA 30062.

If you prefer to send an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) electronic payment, that is directly deposited into our account, please contact us for further details (770) 973-0014.

ACH Payment
Donation in Honor|Memory

To make a gift in honor or memory of someone, please either download the form and mail it with your payment or click "Honor Online" to make an online gift in honor of someone.  Gifts are acknowledged by sending notifications to both you the donor and the family or designated group of the honoree.

Honor Certificate
IRA Qualified Donation

To request a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA account, download here.  Please contact a tax or financial professional with questions regarding your specific account.

Organize A Fundraiser

Get your group, club, business, or neighborhood involved in raising funds for United Military Care.  We have a lot of ideas to get you started, feel free to give us a call at (770) 973-0014.

Check for Matching Donations

Often corporations will match a portion if not all of an employee's charitable donations.  Check with your local Human Resources Department or your company website to verify and obtain the necessary forms.

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