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A Simple Gesture of Kindness: Filling a Backpack for a Homeless Veteran

United Military Care's Homeless Backpack program touched the lives of many veterans in 2023. 

Homeless Veteran Receiving Backpack

The cold, rainy weather and economy have taken a toll on our veterans;   They needed our help in 2023 and they still need help in 2024. 

We are so thankful for all those who helped us along the way - the gift of 2,000 backpacks, the gift of organizations and businesses who donated socks and undergarments, the individual gifts of food, hygiene supplies and the volunteers who helped us pack.  And we definitely have to thank the First Responders who shared the backpacks with homeless veterans they encountered every day.   

We packed and distributed over 900 backpacks last year!

That leaves us approximately 1,000 to pack and distribute.  We can't continue our work without your help.  Please think of our homeless veterans when you are shopping - pick up a few extra items to donate for our backpacks. 

Our immediate needs are cans of soup - pop top and filled with protein, Vienna sausage, tuna pouches.    We also need chapstick and blankets (lite-weight fleece, 50x60).

United Military Care appreciates your support. 

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