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What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is not about mattress sales or buy one get one free twelve packs of soda.

Memorial Day is when we, as Americans, formally recognize the men and women who sacrificed their life while serving in the military.

Memorial Day is to the 7,000+ families of service members who gave their life in the American War on Terror (2001-present) a reminder of the sadness, unfulfilled dreams, and empty chairs at the dinner table. The same holds true for the over 58,000+ families and friends who loved a Vietnam Veteran who died in service. The list goes on.

Memorial Day is also the pride in their relative's service, valor, and honor. Memorial Day is a time to celebrate the Americans who gave their all for us.

So enjoy your BBQ, trip to the lake, or fun with friends - those who died for you wouldn't want it any other way, but remember to raise a glass or hold a moment of silence to say we will

not forget.

Thank them and their loved ones by being an American worth fighting for. Never forget. Give. Honor. Care!

To all who gave their life for America and the families who loved them, you are not forgotten.

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