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Veteran Only Emergency Info Kit

Will first responders know who you are, who to call, and what medicine you are taking in the event of an emergency at home or while driving? Did you know that if you are receiving primary medical care from the VA and you are treated at a non-VA facility without notifying the VA in 72 hours you will be held responsible for the bill?

Because we care about you and are thankful for your military service, and through our interaction with first responders, we developed a FREE emergency information kit for VETERANS ONLY! You can receive one at no charge by simply calling 7790-973-0014.

The kit contains a large laminated card that fits into a magnetized document holder to be filled out and placed on your refrigerator identifying you as a VETERAN. There are also cards to be completed and placed in your wallet and in your console or dash. Everyone keeps talking about having an ICE (In Case of Emergency) on your phone but what if your phone is locked or damaged and the responding police, fire or EMT cannot access it?

United Military Care provides these free of charge to all Veterans throughout Georgia and is working with several agencies and organizations to educate all first responders on what to do when they find this information on your refrigerator or on your person.

If you belong to a group or club and would like to order multiple kits to give to other Veterans please give us a call at 770-973-0014.

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