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United Military Care - Updates

United Military Care continues to receive calls from Veterans who are either currently unsheltered or on the brink of homelessness. Other charity partners we work with have reported an uptick in Domestic Violence as well. Please consider lending a hand; we welcome your help.


After twelve years of serving Veterans and their families, our team decided we needed to do more. You might recall seeing mention of the Georgia Veterans Network in previous newsletters and social media posts.

United Military Care is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves Veterans and military families in Georgia. We accomplish our mission through three main programs:

  • Our Veteran Response Team provides one-on-one individual assistance to Veterans, working to ensure there are no homeless, hungry, or forgotten Veterans in Georgia. Veterans can self-refer, and we gladly welcome requests from other agencies. If you know a Veteran or dependent in need of help, please get in touch with our office. You can call (770) 973-0014 or email

  • We CARE Vet Fairs are the largest, single-stop resource and benefit fair designed specifically for Veterans, Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists, Families, Caregivers, and Survivors. In May, we completed our Northwest Georgia 2nd Annual We CARE Vet Fair and have two more to go—Ebenezer Baptist Church on 05 October and Cobb County Civic Center on 01 November.

and our newest undertaking,

The Georgia Veterans Network—We were selected in late 2023 to become a partner of the Veterans Administration across Georgia. Officially known as a Community Veterans Engagement Board (CVEB), we operate the CVEB as a program under United Military Care. The objective is to make Georgia the place where all Veterans, service members, and families thrive! That means education and access to benefits for all who served and programs to help and guide Veterans, organizations, and providers of care in every community in Georgia. We are not funded or governed by the VA. This partnership helps UMC achieve its mission of

Raising the Standards for Georgia's Veterans.

We continue to issue backpacks for homeless Veterans and other forms of assistance. As we near the end of the 2nd Quarter of 2024 (where did the time go?), our averages are as follows:

  • Office Calls May 2024: 486

  • Most Requested Assistance:

  1. Homeless-Housing,

  2. Rent/Mortgage*

  3. Generalized family support (financial).

*Note: We do not pay rent or mortgage.

  • Backpacks Issued: 34

  • We CARE Vet Fair - 2132 Northwest Georgia Veterans at the May 2024 event in Rome!

With two more Vet Fairs to go this year, plus several events, we are so thankful for our wonderful Volunteers who talk to Veterans, travel the roadways, deliver hope, and more!

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