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Thinking of Vietnam Veterans

Monday, March 29th was Vietnam Veterans Day in our country; should it not be every day for all Veterans?

My rationale is simple. We as Americans benefit daily from the services and sacrifice of every service member and Veteran that has ever served. Our democracy is protected by them. Each week when we go to church or synagogue, participate in a political conversation with opposing views without reprisal or carry a homemade sign in a peaceful protest, our democracy is protected, with the end result being freedom. My point is generic and admittedly naive, but I personally do not take for granted the great country we live in or the brave soles who have and continue to protect it each day.

If you find yourself wondering about the human aspect of the men and women who served in Vietnam or any war, a new online museum showcases some of the letters they wrote home. CBS recently had a spot about it; to view it, click here. The Center for American War Letters with Chapman University can be found here.

Bottom line - we owe all of them our sincere thanks and respect. Join me in striving to be the type of American worth fighting for.

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