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It's a Trap!

Remember Admiral Ackbar from the Star Wars Trilogy - It's A Trap!!

New Years Resolutions are the TRAP I'm speaking of today. I'm calling them what they are - they are a trap. Follow my logic. I knew I needed to eat better on December 31st, and March 31st, and so on. Why would I put the pressure on myself to suddenly change my diet because a day changes? Knowing that kind of pressure only holds up for some, others like me would stick with it a while and then say oh forget about it - I'll have a doughnut. Or what about no smoking, or drinking, or I'll go to church more. Again all of those resolutions we knew about long before we started pressuring ourselves with a single date.

This year, I'll have none of it. Instead I'm working on myself daily and my only pressure is to remember a year from now I'll wish I had ....

So in an effort to ease the pressure and instead just agree I need to take care of myself, I call resolutions on New Years Day a trap. I'll resolve myself daily to do better.

I hope the same for you.

Happy New Year!

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