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February Veteran's Services

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Mother Nature hasn't yet decided on whether it will be cold or to usher in an early spring so United Military Care has been very busy with folks needing shelter, coats, and warm clothes.

We provided:

  • 120 coats since January 1st, many accompanied by new hats, and gloves.

  • 65 snack bags containing one meal, two snacks and a bottle of water or juice.

  • 250 items of clothing for both male and female Veterans, including new underwear & socks.

  • Assistance with shelter for 5 homeless Veterans.

  • Transportation for 2 Veterans to VA medical appointments due to inability to drive.

  • 27 Battle Buddy visits with Veterans in their homes or medical facilities.

  • A bingo party with snacks, and prizes for 12 hospitalized Veterans, and

  • Help for 3 Veterans with benefits.

United Military Care could not do these things without YOU. You are the rock star in this carefully orchestrated production and we love all that you do for Veterans!

Thank You!

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