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Empowering Veterans With Disabilities

The Quality of Life (QL+) Program is currently seeking Veterans with disabilities who could benefit from having custom specialized devices built for them. Whether it’s to support an active lifestyle or to enhance daily living, QL+ is here to help.

Quality of Life

Transformative solutions for active lives

QL+ has a proven track record of assisting everyone from Paralympic athletes to Veterans, aiming to regain their ability to engage in everyday activities. The projects span a wide range of innovative solutions, including:

              • Running and hiking prosthetics.

              • Bike lifts.

              • Lifts for moving Veterans from wheelchairs to tractors.

              • 3D archery targets.

              • Modifications to convert wheelchairs into walkers.

These projects are just a glimpse of what can be achieved. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding ways to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Veterans.

Your ideas, our mission

Do you have a great idea for a device that could change your life? QL+ invites any Veteran with a disability, service-related or otherwise, to apply for this program. Importantly, there is no cost for Veterans to participate in the program.

How the QL+ Program works

Partnering with future engineers

The QL+ Program collaborates with engineering students from 25 universities across the United States. These students take on QL+ projects as part of their senior Capstone Projects. Here’s how the process unfolds:

              1. Fall Semester: Students work with the Veteran (the Challenger) to develop design designs for the device.

              2. Spring Semester: Students build the device based on the developed designs.

Facilitating collaboration

If in-person fittings, measurements, or other interactions are necessary, QL+ will cover travel expenses to ensure a successful meeting between the Challenger and the students.

Application and selection process

Once an application is submitted, QL+ collaborates with faculty advisors to select the projects. If your project is chosen, you will be connected with a team of senior engineering students who will be dedicated to your project. Engineering faculty and outside mentors will assist the students throughout the process.

Weekly meetings are held to update everyone on the project’s progress. Typically, projects begin in the fall semester and conclude by May. QL+ asks Challengers to actively participate and communicate with the students as needed. Veterans will find these students to be brilliant, hardworking, and eager to meet their project’s needs and desires.

Get involved

To learn more about the QL+ Program and to apply, visit There, you can:

              • Explore past projects.

              • Watch videos on the QL+ YouTube channel.

              • Fill out the online application to become a Challenger.

Stay updated by following QL+ on Facebook and Twitter for general announcements and updates on ongoing projects.

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