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All American - July Collection

To honor the 82nd Airborne of WWII, known as the All Americans along with our Nation's Independence Day celebration, please consider helping homeless Veterans.

Pictured below WWII Airborne Soldier, Fred Morgan who jumped into Normandy as a paratrooper medic in 1944.

United Military Care is collecting the items below through the 31st of July. You can drop off at our Marietta office anytime. If it is outside normal business hours, please use the collection basket by the front door.

  • Pop top cans of Vienna sausages (brand not necessary)

  • Pop top cans of Beenie weenies (brand not necessary)

  • Individual, sealed snack size containers of applesauce, peaches, diced fruit

  • Granola Bars

  • Fruit Bars

  • Small bottles of water

These items are packaged together to provide food bags to homeless Veterans. The bag contains 3 meals with protein, fruit, fiber and water.

Don't forget to download our "Got Their Six" calendar to see what and where we are celebrating and the items we are collecting for Veterans through years end!

Hope to see you soon!

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