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Standing Up while others Sit

Regardless of where you are personally on the political spectrum, as Americans, we should all be on the same page concerning support for our Military, Public Safety, and Educators.

While protests, vile messages of hate, skyrocketing crime, and forced individual interpretation of America's Constitution inundate our everyday lives, I wonder what will come next for our great Republic.

Who will stand, sit, or lie down?

Your home was robbed, your friend was assaulted, and you no longer walk the streets of your hometown without keeping your head on a swivel. Do you honestly believe taking away or de-funding our first line of defense will help? I don't get it. Not only do our first responders face life and death each day, they earn nowhere near what they should and are disrespected by communities all over this country. Departments are hiring like crazy to fill existing positions left vacant by professionals who felt disrespected, in danger, and undervalued. We are talking about life and death, not simply a rude comment or gesture.

Educators who have chosen to grow and nurture our future being spat on, assaulted, verbally abused, and threatened. That is just a Monday! Upbringers (I refuse to call them parents) send their problems and lack of care to school for childcare, not an education... We wonder why our country is plagued with crime, hunger, homelessness, disease, etc. The little boy or girl who might discover a cure for cancer or eradicate hunger isn't getting the education and support they need because our teachers and school teams are forced to decide between class safety and learning each day. You cannot teach a child their ABCs when you constantly break up fights and work without the community's support. I won't even start on their pay, benefits, and school budgets.

The men and women who protect our Freedom are dismissed until a major holiday like July 4th or Memorial Day rolls around. Chants and mobs in the streets shouting USA, USA are commonplace when our team wins the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup; where are those same all-Americans as they call themselves every day? Do we not enjoy our Freedom every day? Football, hockey, baseball, etc., are seasonal - Freedom is not. Yet we have Veterans in this country who swore to die for you who are cast aside, forgotten about and disrespected.

Someone, please explain why we sit idly by and let these things happen to the people we rely on for our Freedom, health, safety, and future. The answer is far above my intelligence, or is it? What if each of you reading this took the message to heart and decided to celebrate our Freedom and opportunities in America by respecting the men and women who put it on the line every day to make our country the best in the world? How will we compete internationally if future lawmakers, healers, educators, and philosophers are idiots because more than one American decided to sit instead of stand? Do you want the nonsense that is going on today in our country to worsen? Do you want to live out your "golden years" as "stainless steel years" instead?

Today, I choose to stand. I will stand when it isn't a patriotic holiday because I want my children to grow up in a country that embraces Freedom, encourages growth and knowledge, and respects all citizens. Would you stand with me?

Thank you to the men and women who work tirelessly for so little to make better, safer, and free tomorrows. I stand for you!

Happy July 4th, America!


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