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Kim Goes To Washington

Yesterday, March 25th, was Congressional Medal of Honor Day, whereby America recognized those who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

In early 2018, I received a phone call that changed my world. A representative from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society was calling to tell me I had been nominated and chosen by Medal of Honor Recipients across America to receive a Congressional Medal of Honor for Civilians for my work serving Veterans. I had no idea how my life would change in the Spring of 2018 - but it did, and I am forever grateful for the relationships that have bloomed from it. I'm thinking of the great people I met and continue to talk with today.

To say I was humbled and shocked was an understatement. My week was filled with tours, meetings, and opportunities to sit one on one with some of the most heroic people our country has formally recognized. My assigned mentor, Medal of Honor Recipient, Retired SFC Melvin Morris, had no idea of the impact he would make in my life that week.

To be surrounded by forty of America's bravest who saved hundreds of lives, fought tirelessly, and continue to represent our Nation with Honor and Valor - was the honor of my lifetime. My medal and the men who presented it to me are precious and will be cherished for all my days.

I encourage every citizen to take a moment and learn more about those chosen for the Congressional Medal of Honor; you will have a better understanding of Honor, Dignity, and Valor than ever before.


A proud American


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