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Are Veterans forgettable?

Have you forgotten? On July 27th, the United States recognizes the Korean War Armistice. It was on that day in 1953 that North Korea, China, and the United Nations agreed to halt all hostilities. The Korean War officially began on June 25th, 1950, and ended July 27th, 1953. To this day, the Korean War is known as the forgotten war. Some argue it is because the Korean War quickly followed World War II and lasted three years compared to the twenty of the Vietnam War and six years of World War II. Nevertheless, 1.8 million Americans answered our Country's call, fought, died, and 7,800 never came home. We owe them to no longer refer to the Korean War as the forgotten war.

Please join me on July 27th in remembering :

  • 36,000 Americans killed in action,

  • 100,000 Americans wounded,

  • and the 1.8 million families who prayed every day.

Last but by no means least, remember U. S. Army MSgt Charles Wesley Anthony who was declared missing November 28th, 1950, along with 7,800 other fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, and nephews who have yet to come home.

#neverforget #veteransareunforgettable